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مایکل اسنایدر
مایکل اسنایدر

مایکل اسنایدر

Senior Associate • CA DRE: 01787178

In 1978, at the age of 19, Michael Snyder started his real estate career in Las Vegas. Within a few short years, he owned and operated his family’s real estate company, Snyder Realty. Since that time, he has become a recognized residential, commercial, investment and land expert who stays ahead of the trends and market conditions.

For the past 40 years, Michael has provided clients with a wealth of knowledge, good old common sense, strategic and analytical guidance to help them make smart real estate decisions. His advice and communication is always truthful, direct, and straightforward which has created an extensive network of referrals. His goal is to have clients that become lifelong friends, and an extension of his family.

Michael relocated to Orange County in 2007, while still maintaining a strong presence in Las Vegas as a Broker Associate. With bases in Orange County and Las Vegas, Michael has now accrued over half billion dollars in total sales. He is in the ideal position to help his clients in both locations realize the American dream.

“Owning your own home is the American dream. Let me help you fulfill that dream.”

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M مایک عزیز ، می خواهم یک دقیقه وقت بگذارم و از ته قلبم متشکرم. شما از اول گفتید که با من مثل یک خواهر رفتار خواهید کرد ، و این کار را کردید. شما هرچه گفتید انجام دادید ، وقتی گفتید و برای $$ که گفتید انجام می دهید. این واقعاً ستایش است. شما بازار خود را می شناسید ، در واقع به دو نفر از نزدیک من کمک کردید ... همسایگان ، که چگونه من شما را ملاقات کرد. شما حتی خریدارانی پیدا کردید که واقعاً افراد خوبی هستند. این برای من مهم بود. این کاندو ویژه است و خوشحالم که دوست خواهد داشت. کل تجربه از ابتدا تا انتها. شما از من 10 می گیرید! دوباره متشکرم ابا " ادامه مطلب

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