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Rick Colson

‟I have encountered many Real Estate brokers in my time, some good and some not so good, so hiring Rick to sell my home in Monarch Bay pushed the envelope further in so many ways, and all of them good! His upbeat attitude is not forced, but a genuine reflection of his outlook on life, and his willingness to help me improve, clean & present the h ome in the best light, was over & above what I had expected. He had many ideas about the custom marketing of the property, and employed an excellent photographer and even a drone for those eye-in-the-sky shots of my home. We had many open discussions on the pros & cons of various tactics, some of which were very intense, but through it all we maintained a great working relationship, which culminated in the sale of my home. Rick is passionate about his profession, and has many fresh & interesting ideas on how to achieve set goals, so if you are looking for someone to represent you either selling or buying property, especially in the So County Coastal area, you would be hard pressed to find someone better than Rick Colson, alias ‘Rick the Realtor’. Terry J” Read More ▾


‟Russ gave us the comps, helped us set the price, did the marketing, open houses, etc. Very little work on our part and we exceeded our asking price. Great guy, easy to work with, gets the job done. Highly recommended. ”

Eric & Kelly Risner

‟I just want to say Russ Evans helped us from beginning to end. He is very knowledgeable on what areas were good for us. He was always calling and making sure everything was going ok. True professional! I would highly recommend Russ for any real estate needs.”


‟I had some friends moving to O.C. from Manhattan, NY; they were in a frustrating situation with a lazy agent and after weeks of struggles finally reached out to askme to step in. I gave all the details to Russ so they could get connected; literally, within a week, they were filling out an application on a beautiful place to call home. Russ never mi ssed or phone call and he is diligent about understanding the needs of the client. Most importantly, he’s honest and is someone you can count on to get things right. I highly recommend Russ for any of your Real Estate needs” Read More ▾


‟My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Russ Evans with our recent relocation from Manhattan to California. He was in a word “outstanding”! Patient but guiding, offered his opinions as a “pro/con” for each property we expressed interest in and never left our side during the whole process. We are thrilled to have found our perfect place and w e have Russ to thank! It’s all about the right person to help, and for us…Russ was spot on! We found our forever real estate agent” Read More ▾


‟My experience was excellent. Russ was extremely knowledgeable, his negotiation skills were excellent, his attention to detail and his professionalism was the best! I never had to wait or wonder what was going on. Thank you again Russ for making this transaction so smooth. ”

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