5 Reasons Why Spring 2021 Is a Great Time to Sell

When it’s time to sell your home, you know that you want to sell quickly and for a great price. If you’ve been waiting for the best time to sell your home, it is here! Spring 2021 is the perfect time to sell your home, and here are 5 of the top reasons why.

Spring is historically the best season to sell

Spring has always been the best time to put your home on the market. Homes that are on the market now will close by summer. This gives families with school-age kids time to move before the next school year begins. While the 2020 real estate market did not follow a traditional schedule because of the pandemic, it looks to be back on track for 2021.

Buyers are still out in high numbers

The real estate market was on fire in 2020, and it continues to be hot in 2021. Buyers are out in numbers. The pandemic has shifted how we live in our homes, and many people are looking for new homes to accommodate their changing needs. Many of us realized we need more space, or will now be working from home permanently. Other buyers have been enticed by low interest rates. You can feel confident that when you put your home on the market this spring, it will attract a lot of attention from potential buyers.

Inventory remains tight

Another compelling reason to put your home on the market this spring is that inventory is still low. Sellers have not returned to the real estate market at the same rate as buyers. For this reason, there is a shortage of homes for sale — there are more buyers than there are homes for them to buy. In many cases, sellers are receiving excellent offers on the same day they list. We’re in a seller’s market, so you’ll be able to negotiate a great deal on your home and could quickly see a sizable profit.

You can use your equity to upsize

Perhaps you’re one of the buyers in the market right now as well. Spring 2021 is an excellent time to sell your current home so that you can upsize to one that better suits your needs. As a homeowner, you’ve been building equity. Home values continue to rise, which means your equity increases. It’s like having a forced savings account. When you put your home on the market now, you can use your equity for a down payment on your next home.

Markets are shifting

Finally, now may be the perfect time for you to sell because markets are shifting. In the past, real estate markets in large cities have been active, while suburban and rural communities have remained somewhat flat. But the tables have turned. Because of the pandemic, people want more space, and those same rural and suburban communities are seeing a surge in popularity. If you currently own a home in one of these communities, then you could see a great return on your investment.

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