How To Avoid Scary Insurance Claims This Halloween

Halloweeen may be a little different than usual this year because of the pandemic, so you?ll want to double down on your efforts to keep everyone safe. That includes keeping yourself safe from any potentially scary claims on your homeowners or auto insurance. Follow these tips to make sure you?re having the right kind of scary fun this Halloween!

Don?t use real candles

Carved pumpkins are the universal sign that something scary is afoot. We all love making jack o? lanterns for Halloween and seeing their spooky faces lit up by candles placed inside. But using real fire can be extremely unsafe. Instead, opt for battery-operated candles. You can buy flameless candles that look exactly like the real thing and save yourself the fire hazard.

Don?t overload electrical outlets

Do you like to go all out with outdoor decorations for Halloween? First of all, that?s awesome! You?re probably the hero of the neighborhood and the house that every trick-or-treater wants to hit. But be aware that you can have too much of a good thing, especially if you?re short on electrical outlets. Overloading outlets can cause a fire, and you certainly want to avoid that.

Keep pets away

No matter how well-tempered your dog is, Halloween can cause anxiety in even the most chill pets. If your doorbell is constantly ringing or your pet keeps seeing people in costumes, it can stress them out. For this reason, you should keep your pets away from visitors to limit the potential of bites. Depending on your dog?s breed and your insurance company?s policies, the dog bite might not even be covered. If you?re not sure if your dog would be covered in the event of a bite, then check your policy and talk with your insurance agent.

Keep the lights on

If your community is planning to hold trick-or-treating this year, then make sure your home is safe. While it?s fun to create a dark and menacing environment on Halloween, it?s important to make sure that little kids can make it to your front door without hurting themselves along the way. Remember, kids wearing costumes may not be able to see as well as they normally would. Coupled with the excitement of the holiday this can be a recipe for disaster. So keep some lights on so nobody trips and falls.

Park your car in the garage

Getting your car egged or vandalized on Halloween can be a real pain. Having your car stolen is even worse. Play it safe by keeping your car in a locked garage on Halloween if possible. If you don?t have a garage, then park in a well-lit area. This will reduce the probability that your car will be stolen or vandalized.

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