Cómo exorcizar las malas vibraciones en tu nuevo hogar

Did you recently buy a home that you would describe as a fixer-upper? Or maybe the previous owners left so much of themselves behind that you?re finding it hard to get settled? Moving into a new place is a big job, but it?s even harder when you can still see and feel (and maybe even smell) the people that lived there before you. So in honor of Halloween, we thought we?d shared our best tips for ?exorcising? the bad vibes in your new home.

Elimina los olores desagradables

Does your new home smell like mildew, rotten food, smoke, pets, or even dead animals? Then it?s time to play Sherlock Holmes and figure out where the smell is coming from. Depending on what you find, you may need to dry up standing water, bust out the baking soda or enzymatic cleaner, or even hire a professional cleaning crew. Here?s a gran lista de olores comunes que puede encontrar en su nuevo hogar y qué hacer con cada uno de ellos.

Eliminar elementos no deseados

Ideally, the home you?ve moved into would be clutter-free and sparkling clean. Unfortunately, not all homes come that way. If you inherited someone else?s stuff when you bought their house, then it?s time to eliminar esos elementos. You can certainly check to see if there?s anything worth saving, but then promptly remove everything else. Some people say that objects can retain energy, so if you?re feeling off in your new home that clutter you inherited could be why.

Limpiar todo

Incluso si la casa que compró se ve y se siente limpia, aún debe limpiar superficies before you move any of your items in. Not only will this ensure you?re moving into a squeaky clean place, but it will also help to remove any negative energy that the previous homeowner may have left behind. Choose a product with a scent that will help promote vibras positivas, como cítricos o menta.

Abre las ventanas

Una de las mejores cosas que puede hacer para eliminar las malas vibraciones de su nuevo hogar es simplemente abrir las ventanas. Asegúrese de abrir todas las ventanas. Esto creará una corriente de aire y ayudará a ventilar su hogar. Realmente no hay nada como un poco de aire fresco para que todo se sienta mejor.

Limpia la energía

Finalmente, si realmente desea desterrar esa mala onda para siempre, existen métodos alternativos que puede probar. Esto incluye quemar tu favorito incienso, rociando o difundiendo un agradable aceite esencial, sonando un campana, o incluso manchando tu casa con salvia. Mientras lo hace, visualice sus intenciones para su nuevo hogar y dé la bienvenida a la energía positiva.

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