Fall 2021 Is Still a Great Time to Sell Your Home

Are you worried you missed out on 2021’s seller’s market? Well, put those fears aside because fall 2021 is still a great time to sell your home. In fact, if you really want to take advantage of all the momentum in the real estate market, you’ll want to jump in now. Seller’s markets don’t last forever, and changes could be around the corner in 2022. If you’re still not sure that now is the right time, then consider these reasons for selling your home before the end of 2021.

There’s still high demand from buyers

The pandemic certainly had an impact on the real estate market. Unlike other industries that were hurt as a result of Covid, real estate has experienced a boom. The pandemic has changed how we live in our homes, and many buyers want to find new homes that fit their updated lifestyles. As a result, buyers have flooded the market. In many communities, homes that are for sale receive multiple offers resulting in bidding wars. Buyers know they need a great offer in order to stand out from the competition, making it an ideal situation for sellers.

Your home won’t be on the market long

Another reason that fall 2021 is a great time to sell is that your home won’t be on the market for long. Believe it or not, homes are selling much more quickly than they were a year ago at this time. The average number of days that homes are on the market is only 17. This indicates high demand and a willingness for buyers to act fast to scoop up a home before someone else does.

Home prices are still gaining

Home prices have been increasing significantly over the last year. In fact, the average home saw an uptick of more than 13 percent in value. That’s huge! If you get in the market now, then chances are you’re going to get a great price on your home. Experts aren’t sure how long prices will continue to increase, so it’s best to list now while home values are at this level.

There will be less competition from other sellers

Finally, summer is typically regarded as the best time to sell your home. Many homebuyers choose to wait until summer to move, especially if they have children in school. When there are more buyers in the market, then there tend to be more sellers as well. And while inventory has been low this summer, it will likely be even lower this fall since many sellers will have chosen to list a few months ago. When you list this fall, you’ll have less competition from other sellers, meaning your home will get even more attention from those who are ready to buy.

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